Ever since finishing my undergraduate studies, I’ve never had a point in time where I was only working in one job alone. Even when I had a ‘full-time’ job, it was a 4-day workweek. And it was in a company that respects your time. So there was seldom any need…

Making career changes. Moving to a new city. Going back to school. Changing jobs. Switching to another company. Starting your own business. Going freelance. Going back to full-time employment. Moving back to your home country.

In the important decisions that we have to make while navigating our careers, few of…

  1. Define the end of a project
  2. Work towards that end
  3. Determine the tasks you need to complete each day from the start to the end

I wish I can tell you that doing creative work is that easy. But it’s not. Beginning with the end in mind doesn’t always work.

Chess board: the odds are stacked against you
Credit: Louis Hansel

As a job-seeker, sometimes it feels like the odds are stacked against us. Some of us might even send our applications en masse. To any and every organisation that has an opening somewhat related to our experiences.

Then there are the interviews to think about. Sometimes they are stressful. Other…

Man thinking in solitude in nature
Image credit: Anthony Tori

If you want to lead a more creative life and participate in the creative process that is original and meaningful to you, it is important that you consider different perspectives and form your own conclusions. We might be conditioned to having right or wrong answers that we fear making wrong…

Image credits: Rachael Gorjestani on Unsplash

If you see yourself as an everyday creative, there is only one rule to follow. Even if you are not in the arts and design industry.

Creatives create.

You have the urge to create something. And you must do so to fulfil that urge. Nothing else matters.

You don’t need to wait…

Image credits: Jake Hills

There are probably thousands upon thousands of articles promising an ‘X’ number of steps to success in anything that you can think of.

When it comes to achieving success, we want it to be easy. We want to believe that we can achieve success in anything as long as we…

Image credits: Aaron Burden on Unsplash

On meritocracy

Built into the idea of meritocracy is that someone must come out ahead and someone else behind. Some sort of mechanism is required to sort people. It’s about who’s better and more deserving, and who’s less deserving.

It sounds like a good system. Because your success is based on your…

Graduates (Photo by Poodar Chu on Unsplash)

Rules of the game

So far your life had largely been defined by how well you do within the education system. There might have been positive changes in the education system. There are definitely attempts to help every student go as far as they can.

But it’s still a system that fundamentally remained unchanged

Daniel Chua

Explorer of ideas that empower us to do better work and lead fulfilling lives | Writer at https://thinkpursuits.com/

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